Archiva Images was created by Alex McKnight to solve a problem voiced by many of his clients. It provides a single solution that negates the expense of hiring a photographer for each individual project you may have and the frustration of finding affordable and appropriate stock photography when time is of the essence.

Imagine having a custom library of photography that has been created exclusively for you, meeting your specific needs and available anytime you need it. You can go to it from any internet system and download the images for anything; web based or print based, heck you can even use them for a billboard if you want. They are available only to you and your company, which will help maintain your brand and marketing message.

Our interface provides an intuitive way to organize your images for specific projects or departments. Decision makers can choose which images can be used in which areas of your company or marketing strategy, place them in specific collections identifying approved usage and share that information easily with every department within their organization. Revisions to those collections are instantly updated keeping all your marketing fresh and consistent across the board. It can help save the day in situations where an image is needed quickly due to impending deadlines, and the search feature helps everyone find exactly what they need.

Our pricing structure is simple and cost-effective. We charge a flat daily fee (plus related travel expenses) for our photo crew to come to you. No hidden costs or up-charges after the fact, you’ll know the bottom line before we begin the project. The number of images you’ll get in a day depends on the complexity of the shots, which will be determined and discussed after initial consultation.
* A typical project is two days and provides 40-100 images depending on complexity.

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