Here at Seminole Electric, we have contracted with Alex for industrial and corporate photography for more than a decade. I have often recommended him to others in our industry, he is always willing to go the extra mile to get the right shot, and we have always been pleased with his work. Our annual reports have won numerous design awards over the years, partially attributable to Archiva Images and Alex's quality work and vision.Jeffery M. Fella - Supervisor of Public Relations
I've worked with Alex for over 15 years and his talents as a photographer are seen in his ability to stay ahead of the latest photographic trends. When my clients were in need of consistent photography for multiple users, stock was not an option. Archiva Images was the perfect solution and Alex traveled with the client to several locations capturing some incredible shots that we used for several years in ad campaigns, brochures, websites and power point presentations. Alex is a pleasure to work with. He's a "real" genuine person with a great sense of humor. I look forward to working with him on my next project.Phillip Bennet - Creative Director
I have been working with Alex since 1997, and his ability, vision and work ethic have consistently provided the University of Tampa with an amazing collection of images. His desire to constantly go above and beyond our expectations on a variety of projects has been invaluable, and Archiva Images has been particularly helpful in building an extensive image library of our picturesque campus and landmark building, Plant Hall.Anne Rowland - Art Director
Alex is the whole package... Super talented, loves to brainstorm ideas, very efficient, great with clients and Archiva makes ordering photos so easy. Bottom line: big bang for the buck. Alex is a relationship photographer who passes the test of time.Lynne Sheppard - Graphic Designer